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Sponsor a woman today

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like Sumithra thrive



Sumithra has always known she wanted to become a teacher, to inspire the younger generations and provide them with quality education.


Sumithra had attended Laia Foundation's after-school centres since a very early age.

"I was fascinated by this other way of teaching the after-school teachers seemed to have.

I had so much fun and didn't realise I was learning. I wanted other children to have the same experience as me."

Sumithra joined the Sponsorship Programme in 2020. She's now qualified and has been hired as a part-time teacher at the same after-school centre she has so many fond memories of. 


But Sumithra's college life hasn't ended there and she's now starting MSc Biology.

She has become a fully independent woman. She can now support her family economically and choose the future she wants for herself.  



My name is Kavitha.

I am 21 years of age and live with my family in Puthupattu village, Tamil Nadu.

I live with my dad, Sokkalingam, and my two sisters. My mum has passed away. We have very little money as my dad is a farmer. My two sisters also want to study but there is not enough money for the three of us to go to college.

Thanks to Indian Futures’ sponsorship, in 2022 I completed Bachelor of Arts. I am now training to become a teacher.

My dream is to be a secondary school teacher one day.

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